Business Intelligence MasterClass is a specialized practical training. It covers in full all individual steps to developing a BI app—from data loading to data distribution. During this course, you will learn and test in practice basic BI app development principles and approaches, which you will be able to use in actual business environment.

For 2 days you will have the opportunity to:
•    Deepen your knowledge and skills in using the Business Intelligence software QlikView
•    Acquire practical skills in developing a working BI app
•    Familiarize yourself with BI professionals' best practices
•    Put into practice the lessons learned, working on actual business cases.

Whom this training is suitable for?
The course has been specifically designed to help IT specialists, business users, analysts and people who use or process huge volumes of data. It is suitable for all advances users who wish to deepen their skills in developing effective BI solutions.

What does the training cover?
Business Intelligence training has both theoretical and practical modules and covers the following:
- Data loading and analysis
- Qlik-specific data warehouse modeling
- Object design
- Server management, working with users and data distribution
- Using BI apps on mobile devices
- Specific calculations and estimates
- Discussions, case studies, tasks, real-life examples

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The BI training is going to be in Bulgarian language.

When: 14 and 21 February 2017
Where: American University in Bulgaria (Elieff Center for Education and Culture), 1, Universitetski park Str., Studentski grad, Sofia (free parking).