The system will be presented by Balkan Services on June 4 in Sofia.
On June 4 (Saturday) in Pirin Hall of Sheraton Hotel Sofia Bulgarian consultant company Balkan Services will present the new third version of the system for business management Atlantis ERP. The event audience - executive, financial and technology executives using Atlantis ERP will become familiar with the new features of version 3.0 of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. A personal experience in solving various challenges using Atlantis ERP will be shared with the customers. The event will start at 9.30 pm.
The new version of Atlantis ERP 3.0 offers a number of enhancements and new modules, including integration with various mobile applications, new analytical functions and also an improved performance with corporate telecommunications applications. The system is offered by Balkan Services with integrated BI (Business Intelligence) functionality based on QlikView, which enables detailed analysis of sales finance company performance for customers, suppliers and products. Specific BI applications can be developed for the needs of the client.
The new version comes with an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module and a generator of Web forms and Web Reports. There is also a build-in module for content management in e-commerce (CMS - Content Management System). Atlantis ERP 3.0 allows integration with VoIP PBXs including caller ID, call forwarding, dial a number directly from the interface of the system, and call history to and from company phones. There is also an option to send short messages (up to one or multiple recipients). Atlantis ERP works automatically synchronized with the mobile apps for taking orders, payments, sales and more traffic.
The interface of the new version 3.0 gives users better convenience and new features, including optimization search in the style of the big search engines, which can detect results as setting the customer name, product code, invoice number or order etc. The support is improved too, it is already fully electronic with automatical detection of errors and problems.