The financial planning software LucaNet was presented during the "Financial Planning Using LucaNet—Transparent and Flexible Management" seminar, organized by Balkan Services. The event took place on 27 June 2017 at Novotel Sofia. At this seminar, we demonstrated to financial specialists how the specialized software could help them optimize their financial processes and operations.

Part of the LucaNet functionalities, demonstrated by Miroslava Belcheva and Desislava Balgaranova of the Balkan Services’ team, were budgeting, financial consolidation, including planned data consolidation, and defining reporting periods different than the calendar ones. Talking about planning, they also showed how through only a few clicks in LucaNet.Planner module we can create different budgets, track worst-case and best-case scenarios, compare planned versus actual data and control our investments in a flexible manner.

At the event’s beginning, Vladimir Rashev, Balkan Services’ Managing Partner, welcomed our guests by saying: "Our vision is to build long-term relationships with our clients. We believe that not only the selected software’ functionalities make a project successful, but also the integrators’ experience and the effective communication between the teams."

More photos from the seminar are available on our Facebook page.