Balkan Services finished the implementation of CRM system at Optim-Al (, one of the biggest companies at mobile technologies and logistics. The duration of the project was three weeks and it was finished at January. The solution includes all business processes in the departments of Sales, Marketing and Services.
The whole information about accounts, contacts and all activities related with them (phone calls, faxes, e-mails, meetings, etc.) was migrated from the old system into the new one.
As a result from the implementation of CRM system, all department managers can monitor salesmen activities and their interest in sales process. The reports are more detailed and optimized. At every moment the team leader can look for the salesman revenue and the customers’ service. The implementation includes support contracts, helpdesk (front/back office) and unified database with solution of the customers’ problems (Knowledgebase). The flexibility of the system, user-friendly interface and the personal treatment of the customers are a guarantee for better customer service. All marketing campaigns are managed in the system. That’s the way managers can control the budget and ROI from them.
One of the most important features of the system is the work off-line. The print forms of all documents (quotes, offers, orders, invoices) are done according the customers requirements.
The application is completely integrated with MS Outlook. The non - stop data exchange between applications make the users’ work easier and decrease the time for the operations.