To work in full compliance with the local accounting standards and legislation, an ERP system needs to be adapted to the requirements of the respective market.

For maximum efficiency of the offices in the various regions where our clients operate, we have developed localization packages for the Oracle NetSuite cloud ERP system for 4 countries.

Initially, Balkan Services developed a localization package for NetSuite ERP for Bulgaria, which covers VAT, Intrastat, BNB exchange rates, and other additional options. You can see the complete functionalities covered by the Bulgarian localization here.

Our company has also developed localization packages for some of the countries in which our clients operate — Romania, Serbia, and Republic of North Macedonia.

All localizations are fully compliant with the specifics of the local legislations and accounting standards, which guarantees the effective use of the cloud ERP solution.

With over 31 000 companies in more than 200 countries that use Oracle NetSuite, this is the world’s most preferred cloud-based ERP system. The business software supports 190 currencies and over 27 languages, which facilitates the management of companies operating in different countries.

NetSuite ERP is a complete business management solution that increases the efficiency of organizations by automating key processes and providing full visibility and real-time traceability of the operational and financial performance.  

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