Balkan Services successfully implemented Business Intelligence (BI) software in one of the leading manufacturers of cosmetic products and lavender oil in Bulgaria - Lavena AD.

The company operates on 5 continents and in over 40 countries worldwide. Its most recognizable brand and favorite brand of mothers in Bulgaria is "Bochko".

Before the implementation of the new BI system, the information available to Lavena was hard to access and the resources to use it and its accuracy were challenging. Obtaining the necessary information was time-consuming and the scope of the reports was limited. Each additional cut required additional time.

The company decided to invest in BI software to gain speed and convenience in securing the required information.

Because of its experience and good reputation in the market, Lavena chose Balkan Services as a consultant for the project.

The system that the company chose was the cloud version of the BI software Qlik Sense (the software provides two installation options - on-site at the customer and in the cloud).

The Balkan Services team proposed an end-to-end solution that consists of certain analytics and reports suitable for a business like Lavena's. It also reflected the company's need for discount analytics by customer and line of business, as their business operates with discounts.

In addition to trade discounts, Lavena's BI system has the mandatory components, metrics, and characteristics that are valid for any business - product mix, customers, and distribution.

A BI project goes through the following stages: requirements elicitation and analysis; preparation and planning; development and testing; adaptation and transition; and maintenance.

Users of the software are the company management, financial and accounting, and sales department of "Lavena". For easier orientation in the user interface and mastering of basic functionalities, the Balkan Services team conducts training of the system users at Lavena.

Following the implementation of the new business analytics software, Lavena now has a tool in which reports and analyses are predefined, as well as a flexible generator with which end users of the BI system can create the design of their reports themselves - selecting the features, metrics, and filters to include.

Thanks to it, the Lavena team with access to the BI tool receives daily reports based on up-to-date data, and the ability to save different selections saves time.

The BI system is an effective tool for management analysis and decision-making. All users of the business analytics system have reliable and timely information to better manage sales processes, detect problem areas faster, and make timely decisions.

Timeliness, ease of use of available information, and facilitated decision-making are undoubtedly the most significant benefits, according to feedback from Lavena management. Invariably among the benefits are fast data processing, time savings, and access to consistent data on key business metrics.

The approach of both companies' teams to the project is similar and this helps a lot in working together. In summary, the experience and professionalism of our team combined very well with the resourcefulness and flexibility of the Lavena team, which proved to be key to the success of the project.

With Lavena realizing the potential of the BI system, further upgrade steps are already planned, which include extending the project to more users so that as many people in the company as possible have the information they need in a timely manner.