The Bulgarian consulting company Balkan Services successfully completed two projects related to the implementation of the Business Intelligence solution QlikView in FICOSOTA. Thanks to the innovative application, the quality of information has significantly improved and the process of planning and control of work activities has been boosted. The first project involved the construction of a dashboard to monitor the implementation of all projects within the organization. The work is based on the existing project management system EDGAR.The solution monitors the status of all active projects, their scope, the latest updated information and priorities. It also gives detailed information about each project, allowing to track the degree of completeness, the person responsible and others.

The second project implemented in Ficosota is focused specifically on the finances of the company. Its scope includes preparation and detection of reports on income and expenses, receivables, payables and accounting information from the ERP solution Integra. The detection reference covers sales and accounting information on the costs, and accounting records - trial balance and history of accounting records. The solution tracks the impact on the end result of the number of sales and the prices of the items, and shows financial information about customers and providers broken down by regions.

The aim is to significantly automate and optimize the work process in the Department of Finance and Accounting. Another innovative business solution is about to be developed and implemented in the company. It will help organize important information about sales through distributors, which will allow the company to receive accurate information on sales to end users and stock availability for each distributor.