Bulgarian consulting company Balkan Services implemented QlikView Business Intelligence system in the distribution company ABC Ltd. Svishtov. The first phase of the project has been realized for a month and after that system uses sales information from Data Plus system and provides a variety of reports and analysis of sales by type of goods, facilities, brands, inventory, turnover related to sales, sales time costumer basket. System’s main advantage is the speed of operation and processing large amounts of data in seconds in real time.

The system solves many problems associated with operational information and allows the management team to obtain updated information about sales, margin, profit, cash collection, and more. There is updating on every two hours, there is also a calculated balance in each cycle for every new customer, supplier, average purchase price, availability, movement of goods within the period and others. “Business Intelligence solution implemented by Balkan Services team enables us to take complete solutions to be more adequate to properly plan and manage corporate resources.

BI allows us to be competitive in this difficult and challenging market situation, to optimize costs and stocks and to satisfy the best possible quality and customer’s needs.” – said Violeta Apostolova, manager of ABC Ltd. A second phase of the project is about to start, the focus in it will be on financial reports, such as ODA, working capital and others. More about ABC Ltd. ABC Ltd. is a leading distribution company operating in the field of FMCG more than 15 years. The company distributes more than 100 manufacturers, some of which are: Bella Bulgaria, Sugar Mills AD Gorna Oryahovitsa, Prestige - 96 Ltd., Dr. Oetker Bulgaria EOOD, Bulgaria EOOD Rochelle, La Vita Bulgaria Ltd., 999 Ltd. Solaris, Best Foods Ltd., Grivas Ltd, Bravo Alliance Ltd and many others. The company has modern warehouses and over 100 employees. Its operating territory is Central Northern Bulgaria, it includes regions of Veliko Tarnovo and Gabrovo. The company has over 20 SR that services and advise all clients professionally, it also has over 40 vehicles to pick up and deliver goods to all outlets. Modern software system allows for quick implementation of the latest advanced technological processes.