According to the latest survey of the Bulgarian BI Market, made by the CBN - Pannoff, Stoytcheff & Co. agency, the company’s market share is nearly four times bigger than the second Consulting company Balkan Services takes the lead among the implementors of BI (Business Intelligence) systems in Bulgaria. This is the result of Bulgarian business analytics software market research made by the CBN - Pannoff, Stoytcheff & Co., an independent market research agency.

According to the survey Balkan Services indicators are nearly four times better than the indicators of the next participant. The company has 51% market share in the implementations in medium-sized companies and 26% in large firms. The company is also market leader in the number of Business Intelligence systems deployments in all studied sectors: services, trade and financial sectors. The survey includes only information about implementations in private companies, as well as trends in different economic sectors. It does not include projects in public administration. “We had implemented our first QlikView even before the registration of the company was fact and our goal was to become leader in this new and rapidly growing market segment - business intelligence software. We had made long-term investments in consultants, marketing and especially in references from customers who have achieved remarkable results. Our significant previous and current experience with different ERP and CRM systems has also contributed for our leading position in the market.” said Filip Mutafis, Managing Partner in Balkan Services.

“It is not an accident that Business analysis systems (Business Intelligence) are one of the fastest growing software segments during the last few years. BI allows companies to take strategic decisions, optimize their operations, increase the efficiency and measure key performance indicators (KPIs). All these advantages assure that the Business Intelligence market will continue growing rapidly in the next years and our positioning is very good in perspective” said Vladimir Rashev, also Managing Partner in the company. He also mentioned that Balkan Services is not only the leader in the implementation of Business Intelligence systems, but it is also the first company that actively introduced this type of solutions in high education. “Our long-term partnership with Bulgarian universities helps develop the next generation of professionals in the field of BI and respectively to develop the BI market.”