The Bulgarian consulting company Balkan Services offers a vertical ERP – solution, specialized for printing companies. It is based on Atlantis ERP and concentrates the entire information for the activities of a printing establishment – from the production, trough trade and finance, in a unified system with distributed and controlled access. The solution eliminated the necessity of external communication channels between dealers, designers and printers, due to centralized planning and tracing of the article throughout the entire production cycle. There is also no need of accounting and reference peripheral systems. All processes are automatically accounted. All incomes and expenditures have been observed as well as the full production cost of every single article in all production stages. The effectiveness of dealers, designers and printers is been tracked out, the wastage of basic material is been accounted in terms of articles and categories, as well as the production spoilage. Production documents accounting the used material and the engaged machines are prepared automatically.
The system covers also a number of specific processes attaching additional value to the overall solution. They include production planning per machine units in an optimal order, palleting and packaging according to destinations (with barcodes), planning of specific finishing works with automated price formation as well as an automated offering based on full planned prime costs. Balkan Services has already realized two successful ERP projects in the printing field for the companies Typo Print and Belpack.