The 20 anniversary of Business Intelligence training “Business analysis for successful management” was held. The day-long course was held on 19 April at the American University, Bulgaria (Ilieff Center for Education and Culture) at the initiative of Balkan Services.

The specialized BI training is application driven and is suitable for business consumers, analysers and IT directors, as well as anyone using vast amounts of data. The programme is both theoretical and practical, and the knowledge you gain will help you optimise the way you make decisions using BI technology QlikView.

The training is a great opportunity for you to learn how to turn unused and difficult to access data into business opportunities. It is suitable for anyone:
– Willing to consolidate, search, visualise and analyse data for full business transparency
– Willing to stop guessing, and start knowing how to make quicker and better decisions
– Willing to have their business information any time, at any place, by a click of their mouse.

Balkan Services plans a future edition of the BI course. Please follow our website for more information.