Balkan services is one of the 5 largest software systems integrators in terms of license sales revenue and services from applications for business process management and analysis. This has been evidenced by a market research prepared by the independent agency CBN – Pannoff, Stoytcheff & Co. The data from the research were announced at a special event where the company publicly presented its financial statements for 2015 audited by a certified expert accountant.

In its nearly 10-year history Balkan Services has reached leadership positions among business software integrators in Bulgaria – over 110 integrators in total, 95 of whom participants in the said research. According to data of CBN – Pannoff, Stoytcheff & Co. agency, the company accounts for 33% of the Bulgarian BI market, out of 34 integrators in total, and is the leading integrator for the retail and distribution, production and finances sectors. The research further showed that Balkan Services comes among the top 3 CRM integrators in Bulgaria in terms of numbers of integrated systems out of 71 in total. In 2015, it was once again the leader in terms of number of integrations of the most popular CRM solution in Bulgaria – Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“The company has retained its traditionally leadership positions in two of the three main segments we operate in – BI and CRN, as well as in the ERP segment in the banking sector. That, together with the results from the audited report, are indicators of its sustainable development”, stated Vladimir Rashev, managing partner at Balkan Services.

During the event Balkan services publicly presented its financial statements for 2015, audited by a certified expert accountant. According to the assessment made by certified expert accountant Milka Kostova who performed the audit, the company's statements are “flawless”. Data about last year also show that the company marked 17% growth of revenues from services, and only during the first quarter of 2016 there was a 1% growth in sales compared to the same period of 2015.

The company presented two of its own products created in order to meet the needs of businesses. “The solutions Retail.Intelligence and Vendormedia are developed on the basis of the company's experience and expertise, with a focus on the trading and distribution, and production sectors”, said Nikolay Milenkov, Marketing and Sales managers at Balkan Services.

The vertical BI solution Retail.Intelligence (RI) is specifically developed for companies from the commercial sector in order to provide a detailed analysis of sales data. The product contains a set of predefined references, and its main advantage is the short period required for its introduction – only a few days. Thanks to RI, Balkan Services has its portfolio expanded and provides a BI solution accessible even to smaller companies.

The latest product of the Vendormedia company is a solution for centralized management of electronic displays with advertising video contents. The web-based application is implemented on the Android platform and allows for remote management of video content on many devices. The main advantage of Vendromedia is the fact that the broadcast content is automatically recorded on each device, and is not broadcast through continuous streaming. This minimises Internet traffic on sites, and the video may be broadcast even off-line.