Balkan Services with a new friend – little Lubcho
Thirteen-year-old Lubomir Elenkov was born in 2002 with the gloomy diagnosis of Cerebral palsy. Despite the diagnosis, Lubcho is striving to get better every day, and his grandparents become the witnesses of all his small victories. Thanks to their permanent care and dedication and following a number of surgeries and constant rehabilitation, he is able to keep his sight, to walk and speak. He even goes to school, accompanied by his grandmother Sanka, and has recently completed 6th grade.

In order to get ahead with his studies, he works with a private tutor every day. For his home education, however, he needs a computer which is more modern than the archaic one his family owns. This is the reason why Balkan Services decided to make the boy happy by giving him a new computer where he can study and have fun.

Our company has gained a new friend, little Lubcho. The whole team of Balkan Services wishes him and his family to be always so persistent and to have faith. Everyone who wants to help and has this possibility, can do so by donation, by another small gesture, or even by liking his Facebook page Let’s help Lubcho.
Lubcho’s bank accounts:

Lyubomir Ivaylov Elenkov
Лева/BGN BG25RZBB91551000646190
Щ.д./USD BG74RZBB91551006049566
ЕВРО/EUR BG21RZBB91551006049550