The Balkan Services team has successfully implemented the cloud version of the Soft1 ERP software in the film production company "Viplast" AD.

"Viplast" AD is a young, fast-growing company engaged in the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) films and the recycling of PET packaging and films. The films produced by the company are widely used in both food and non-food industries.
"Viplast has the ambition to become the leading producer of PET films in the country and the region.

To achieve this, the company chose to implement Soft1 ERP, a comprehensive business management system that enables optimization of key business processes and optimal use of resources.

As the business grew, the need to optimize operations arose. Prior to implementing the modern software solution, Viplast relied on Excel and an underperforming Bulgarian ERP system. At the same time, the company's units in Sofia and Plovdiv operated on different systems, with different data.

Looking for the right software solution for their manufacturing business, Viplast received recommendations for Soft1 ERP and Balkan Services as a reliable partner.

In addition to what the software should be, the company had another key decision to make, as Soft1 ERP is available in cloud (SaaS - software as a service) and On-Premises (with installation at the customer's site) versions.

"Viplast" choose the cloud version for their business, motivating their choice with the availability and high data protection in a cloud environment. With Soft1 ERP, data security in the cloud is secured by high-end Microsoft infrastructure.

The ERP project goes through several stages.

As a result of the fruitful work, core modules such as sales, purchasing, and accounting are covered in the ERP system of Viplast.

The specificity of the company's production is that it is very similar to recycling and at any stage of production, the output can be returned to the beginning. In order to meet this need, a "production" module has been implemented in which complex calculations are performed.

Thanks to this functionality, "Viplast" can react immediately to a request from their customer for a change order. One of Soft1 ERP's greatest strengths is that it manages to navigate such complex situations.

For ease and quick access, a module has been set up for the company's management where the most important reports can be viewed via a mobile device.

Among the most important indicators of the production business of Viplast, which can be easily tracked by the management through the mobile application, are: quantity produced; number and characteristic of orders; accounts payable; company revenue.

The new business management system is beneficial for the employees of the whole company and all units are working with it.

Like any new beginning, changing the business management software brings its challenges. For the employees of Viplast, this has been abstracted from the way they have been working and accepting that it doesn't make sense for their ERP system to look the way it has in the past.

An important factor for the success of such a project is the credit of trust and those companies that manage to strike a balance and focus their people on the implementation of the system have a very solid foundation and things happen easily for them. This is evidenced by the successful completion of the ERP software implementation project at Viplast.

Thanks to the fruitful collaboration between the two teams, by the spring of 2023, Viplast was successfully fully operational with SoftOne Technologies' system.

The ERP system allows the Viplast team to get the information they need and be sure it is correct with just a few clicks.

Soft1 ERP reveals even the smallest details that otherwise elude them. Access to this information allows the company to optimize its production. In addition, real-time information about what is happening in the production facility in Plovdiv is extremely convenient for the management, which is based in Sofia.

The successful completion of the project is the result of both the professionalism of our team, which led to the implementation of the ERP system, and the will of the management of Viplast to implement the project.