FICOSOTA is starting a new Business Intelligence project for sales analysis. The solution will include Sales Out for West and East European countries, as well as Sales In for US and Canadian markets. The project is an extension to the fully integrated Business Intelligence system, implemented and developed since 2012 by the consulting company Balkan Services. It will include consolidated data from all FICOSOTA’s information systems operating in different countries, among them Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, as well as cloud technology used in USA and Canada.

The implemented solution is used daily by hundreds of company employees. Thanks to BI, it is possible to fully analyze the sales, stock, plans and targets for the company’s markets in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. There is an option to distribute all expenses down to the smallest detail – client and item.

“Our longtime partnership with Balkan Services has significantly aided the high quality monitoring and analysis of FICOSOTA’s operations. In our work together, we have built excellent relationship and trust. Thanks to this, we are creating and developing our mutual projects successfully and with ease, and they contribute to our company growth”, said Stefan Kemenchedjiev, Manager Business Analysis at FICOSOTA.