The current extraordinary conditions require businesses in all industries to take quick measures to reorganize company budgets and to compose crisis plans.   

In order to help companies in these uncertain times, our partner LucaNet allows companies to use the LucaNet.Planner financial planning and budgeting solution for a period of 3 months without any license fees.

The special offer is valid upon request until May 31 and does not require а license purchase. After the expiration of the 3-month period, the subscription terminates automatically. 

The software provides a comprehensive view and strict control over finances. LucaNet.Planner allows companies to stimulate the effects on the companies profitability and liquidity of the present crisis in a few quick steps, by using high data security, as well as creating different budget scenarios and forecasts.

The time for financial indicators monitoring, as well as preparation of budget versions, forecasts and financial reports for the needs of management is significantly reduced. LucaNet.Planner provides reporting opportunities, including for banking institutions and investors, as well as extensive comparative analyzes.

Companies can benefit from the offer in 3 easy steps:

  1. Use of the ISO 27001 certified environment LucaNet.Cloud;
  2. Software setup — data loading settings;
  3. A three-day introductory application course, conducted remotely by our team and at a preferential price.

Certified experts from Balkan Services will assist all interested companies that want to benefit from the LucaNet.Planner three-month free subscription in the following areas:

  • Online meeting in order to get acquainted with the company requirements;
  • Settings for importing financial data into the system;
  • Creation of financial plans;
  • Creation of budget scenarios and forecasts;
  • Simulation of financial implications of possible business solutions;
  • Creation of reports.

Contact us until May 31 to request a free subscription to LucaNet.Planner and be prepared for any scenario that will have a direct impact on your company budget and future development.

Request FREE DEMO by using our contact form and we will get back to you in order to answer each question and advise you individually on your business.