The first scholarships for the Master’s program “Business Intelligence and ERP systems”, carried out jointly by ERP Academy and the Higher Institute for Insurance and Finance (VUZF), have been awarded. The financial support for the students is provided by the organizers and the partnering companies in the project, among them Balkan Services.

An increasing number of young people are showing interest in the new program, which offers them theoretical and practical knowledge, and subsequently a career, in one of the most promising areas in the labor market – business software. Most candidates for the new Master’s program are attracted mainly by the fact that it allows students with no previous knowledge in programming to advance in the software sector and build a successful IT career. However, some of the applicants have extensive work experience and are looking for an opportunity to upgrade their knowledge and skills. Still others come from companies which are about to implement an ERP system.

The Master’s program “Business Intelligence and ERP systems” encompasses the most important subjects in the field of business software, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), BI (Business Intelligence), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), BPM (Business Process Management), the mobile applications Internet of Things and others. These are large-scale software solutions which control the overall activities in the company – from production, through marketing, sales, accounting, human resources and all other aspects of the work process.