Feedback on our work is valuable guidance for development and we are always keen to hear it. We know that giving and receiving it is challenging, so we strive to build that culture first within the company. We're delighted that more and more customers are also venturing to share their honest opinions with us.

We regularly measure and analyze the level of customer satisfaction with our services. We must listen to the opinions of each of our customers individually and consider what action to take based on the feedback we receive.

The results of the last survey at the end of 2023 show that 96% of respondents are satisfied with the work we have done together and the projects we have completed.

What clients say they value most about working with us is:

  1. High level of professionalism and expertise of the Balkan Services team;
  2. Good collaboration and communication;
  3. High level of knowledge of the products we work with;
  4. Timely assistance from the team;
  5. Long-term successful partnership.

The sincere guidance on what we can improve in specific areas of our work is also very valuable to us. We take the feedback very seriously, analyze it in detail, and identify specific actions.

To provide a quality service, we must have a good understanding of what customers need. Otherwise, it will be very challenging to offer the right solutions for them.


Thank you to all our customers and partners for your trust over the years!