In the unfavorable economic situation, with reduced demand and limited credit access, companies often revise or postpone indefinitely major IT projects. Business analysis systems, however, may prove to be the key to making correct decisions and preserve the viability of the organization, even to achieve competitive advantage. Annual Conference of the IDC - Business Intelligence Roadshow brings together independent experts, analysts, industry leaders and end users to discuss recent developments, exchange experience, share best practices and seek together ways to address the negative impact of global economic crisis, using existing and emerging technologies. On behalf of QlikView and Balkan Services, Yasen Ivanov (Top Drinks) will make presentation on “Implemented BI system for monitoring of key and operative indicators in Purchases, Logistics and Sales in United Distribution Group Ltd. The presentation will cover basic components of the BI system. Various data sources will be shown, creating a snapshot of data in qvd format, loading the business data into individual packages of reports, adjustment of rights of access and frequency of recharging of the data. Pros and cons of each of the components of the system will be noted and some of the used best practices methods will be shared with the audience.