Vladimir Rashev – managing partner at Balkan Services, is now a CMC (Certified Management Consultant) from the international organization ICMCI (the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes). The accreditation is a leading professional award for management consulting in different specialized areas and is subject of renewal at every 3 years.

The certification is a distinctive quality model for the services, provided by the consultant, for ethics and high professionalism at an international level.  

The certified consultant (CMC) must show competence in a broad professional scope of knowledge, which includes:

  • Six functional areas of the organizational management:
    • Human resources;
    • Strategic planning;
    • Finances;
    • Оperations;
    • Information technologies;
    • Маrketing.
  • Ethic practices
  • Management consulting processes
  • Transformation and change management
  • Communication with clients and project management
  • Interpersonal skills


Each CMC must show involvement, experience and actions, corresponding to the ICMCI Code of conduct. The code comprises legal, social, ecological aspects and professional conduct and shows the devotion of the consultant to serve the interests of the clients, society, colleagues and the occupation itself.

In his capacity of a certified management consultant, Vladimir Rashev can draw on the experience of his colleagues worldwide and he can implement the international good practices in his daily work at Balkan Services.

Our manager received his official certificate during the event “BAMCO and friends“, organized in honor of the 25-th anniversary from the establishment of Bulgarian association of management consulting organizations. BAMCO is committed to make the ICMCI standards familiar to its members and to assist on their certification.

In the course of an open discussion during the event, an active participant was Naeri Masihi – Head of PMO department at Balkan Services. She shared her inspiration regarding the consultancy occupation as well as her opinion on some current topics from the field.