The newest version 11 of the Business Intelligence (BI) solution QlikView, which was presented in Bulgaria by Balkan Services earlier this month, takes Business Intelligence to a higher level by allowing the users to more easily share information with colleagues, supporting larger installations with improved manageability and providing better mobile support. Version 11 practically integrates Business Intelligence functionalities and new social and mobile platforms, turning BI into a flexible environment for daily decision-making on the go. Apart from the current product capabilities to search and interact with dynamic dashboards and analyzes in QlikView 11, users can ask questions individually or in groups and teams, building new paths to information and decision-making. The role of the IT specialist remains to maintain "BI self-service" by assembling and providing the necessary data while at the same time ensuring security, scalability and performance. QlikView 11 gives into the hands of business users multiple sources of information: data, people and places. Five thematic areas have been developed, helping QlikView to become a standard for BI solution:
• Social Business Discovery - Social Business Discovery enables users to collaborate on analyzes by convenient social functionalities. They can ask questions and answer them in formal or informal groups, in real time or not. Users work together to examine the data and preserve the conversation in order to have a history of making decisions.
• Comparative analysis - Business users can quickly obtain new knowledge by analyzing information with Comparative analysis. It allows for easy comparisons and interactions in many different views or selected datasets. This makes easy the spotting of trends or differences and gives insight into usage patterns, opportunities and threats.
• Mobile Business Discovery - With Mobile Business Discovery, users can receive information anywhere and have the immediate advantage to be in a certain place at a certain time. QlikView, used on a mobile device, provides genuine Business Discovery, plus the full functionality of the solution.
• Rapid analytic app platform QlikView 11 includes new and improved functionalities that meet the needs of IT professionals and software developers, as well as the needs of business users who want to create their own analytic applications. QlikView 11 offers facilities for expanding and developing applications. Rapid analytic app platform makes it possible to integrate data from other widely used platforms such as Salesforce, LinkedIn, Facebook and others.
• Enterprise platform - The new platform better meets IT needs such as security mechanisms to protect sensitive data, the ability to rapidly process massive volumes of data and advanced, yet easy-to-use administrative tools. QlikView 11 is equipped with new features that are designed to improve the performance for large installations and make them easier to protect and administer. This makes the solution suitable for small and medium businesses, as well as large corporations and holding companies.