QlikTech, a leading company for Business Intelligence (BI), today announced the introduction of its analytics application QlikView for Android. QlikView for Android is the first BI application available for the operating system Android. The programme uses fully interactive functionalities to explore information, and does not just generate static reports as the traditional mobile BI.
The Android platform takes full advantage of the intuitive, interactive and flexible interface of QlikView. QlikView for Android was developed in partnership with TAT, The Astonishing Tribe AB, who is known for their specialization in the development of mobile user interfaces for companies like Google and Spotify. As of today, the application is available to users around the world. After installation, users can connect to a demonstration server of QlikView, in order to try some sample applications. For QlikTech customers, the application works like any other QlikView client; they only need access to the server of QlikView.