Registration for the most exciting Business Intelligence event of the year has started – Qonnections 2016! For the first time the global BI leader Qlik has invited both its international partners, and its clients to the annual conference. The event is to take place between 1 and 4 May 2016 in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Traditionally, Balkan Services attended the conference where we share our experience with the most prominent BI experts globally and follow trends in data analysis and visualisation. This year for the first time we have the pleasure to invite our clients to join us in experiencing together the emotion called Qonnections.
You are welcome to attend Qonnections 2016 to become part of the global Qlik society, hear real success stories, share ideas and deepen your knowledge about IT. The event gives access to various sessions and workshops, depending on the guests’ individual interests. You will have the opportunity to be the first to see new technologies and solutions, as well as some of the most innovative products presented at Discovery Expo.
Join us, register and book your visit to Qonnections 2016.
You can see the terms and attendance fees here.