Multi-Book Accounting is one of the most complex modules in the NetSuite ERP system which allows international companies to keep their accounting records in several different dimensions depending on the accounting objectives of the individual companies or the group of companies as a whole. With over 20 000 companies in more than 200 countries that use the NetSuite's comprehensive business management software, this is the world's most preferred cloud ERP system.  

The Balkan Services ERP consultant—Yavor Karayazov has successfully completed the certification course for the NetSuite Multi-Book Accounting module. The certificate was preceded by a successfully passed exam with 14 real business cases, which our colleague solved in less than an hour, taking their specifications into account.

By using the Multi-Book functionality of NetSuite, each organization can keep up to 5 ledgers at the same time, each in accordance with preset regional or international accounting and legal requirements. Each accounting document can be processed in several ways depending on the company's accounting objectives.

The NetSuite ERP business management software module is applicable to all international companies that are required to submit their financial reports in accordance with local and international standards.

The development is personalized according to the needs of the accounting department and automates the processes of:

  • Distribution of accounting documents, which eliminates content duplication, as well as correction errors;
  • Preparation of comprehensive financial reports with the possibility of detailed review;
  • Management of different currencies.

The Multi-Book Accounting module can be implemented only by a certified specialist, and in order to work properly, the ERP platform must be localized for the respective country. Balkan Services has developed and successfully implemented a localization package for the  NetSuite cloud-based ERP solution  for Bulgaria and  the Republic of Serbia. By the end of 2020 our team will have completed the development and will offer its customers localization for Romania and the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

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