Cloud technologies and services come as the logical choice for businesses because of all the benefits they offer companies. This was one of the major conclusions to take from the conference “2017 o’clock – Time to shoot your business to the Cloud(s)”, which took place on 03 November 2016 at Inter Expo Center. The event was all about cloud technologies, focusing on their use by the business users. Representatives of Oracle, Balkan Services, NetSuite, Google and two Bulgarian agencies—Digital Marketing Group and Startup Masters participated at the conference.

Many of the managers at Bulgarian companies avoid using cloud apps in their companies because they consider the "cloud" to be an insecure, and obscure thing, like a fog said Balkan Services' specialists. Cloud business systems offer a vast range of benefits and therefore become more and more in-demand by Bulgarian companies. Cloud's main advantages are: cutting costs, much more secure data, non-dependency on locations or devices, user flexibility, elasticity, which allows for higher usage at peak moments, etc. The final result for companies is the fact users can focus on their business.

The companies united around the idea that Bulgarian business needs more information on cloud technology development trends, as well as on risks and benefits of using the cloud, which directly concern the business. They gave various presentations answering the question why we would need to plan our business inside the cloud.

According to the Technical Director of Balkan Services, Slavi Slavov, "The biggest advantage you get from migrating to cloud business solutions is the fact companies can focus on their business, and not on the IT part". He added that cloud security should not be of any concern to the managers as the security level, offered by the cloud, could not be reached by the customers if they use on-premise systems.

Natalia Kirilova of Digital Marketing Group said that "Companies no longer compete with each other, they compete with speed". She also added that 85% of managers globally use automation to improve their business processes.