The global leader in cloud ERP solutions NetSuite has come to Bulgaria. The official partner of the American corporation in the country is the Bulgarian consultancy company Balkan Services, positioned among the leaders on the market of business management systems.

In a press release, NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N) officially announced its cooperation with Balkan Services as part of its partnership programme, whose purpose is to meet the growing search for cloud ERP solutions among companies on the European market.

Thanks to its partnership with NetSuite, Balkan Services offers its clients the leading cloud business technology NetSuite (ERP, CRM, eCommerce, BI, SRP, PSA, HR, etc.). The solution is flexible and adaptive, meets modern business requirements and is accessible through web and any mobile devices, even mobile phones, anywhere in the world.

Choosing NetSuite, Balkan Services focuses on cloud services and complements its portfolio with a solution which ensures data safety, provides continuous access and automatic upgrade.
NetSuite's main advantage is the fact that the solution is specifically designed to be used on the cloud. It allows for the management of numerous companies localized in various countries, into a unified database. The system offers a vast amount of functionalities and vertical solutions that meet business’ specific needs.

“The flexibility offered by NetSuite allows us, by providing invaluable advantages to the management of our client's business in Bulgaria and abroad, to meet their needs while they are developing their companies”, said Vladimir Rashev, managing partner at Balkan Services. “We wanted an ERP platform that evolves alongside the company, allowing us to meet the specific requirements of our clients. NetSuite ERP cloud solution is the perfect choice”.