This was the main conclusion of the roundtable on "Distribution and Logistics," which took place on 18 September. The event, organized by the magazine PROGRESSIVE, brought together managers of companies in the industry, who discussed the trends in the development of the logistics business, the problems facing it, as well as the possibilities lying ahead.

During the roundtable, Philip Mutafis, Managing Partner of the consulting company "Balkan Services", presented several specialized products that meet the increasingly specific customer requirements. According to him, there is no company that does not use IT solutions; the more important question is at what level they are using them and how they are being managed.

Mr. Mutafis added that in the logistics industry it is difficult to determine the exact activity of a given company, because "everybody expands the term to explain what they actually do." That is why companies need consultants to implement software according to their specific needs, in order to gain real value out of the product.