The Bulgarian ice-cream brand Izida chose the vertical solution RI (Retail.Intelligence) for analyzing the sales and distribution processes. RI is a vertical product for managerial report and data analysis, developed on the basis of the Qlik Sense Business Intelligence platform. The solution has been specifically designed for retail companies and it combines the long-standing experience of Balkan Services in providing BI solutions and enriches the company portfolio. Through RI, the Business Intelligence solutions are now available for smaller companies on the Bulgarian market.

Retail.Intelligence is designed to fulfill the sales companies’ need of detailed analysis. The product includes a set of predefined reports suitable for detailed sales analysis. A major advantage is also its short period of implementation—few days only. RI is an interactive product that allows the individual user to create reports that reflect the individual preferences and needs. The solution provides data comparison in different timeframes (YTD and MTD) and monitoring KPIs for customers and products.

Izida significantly optimized the preparation and analysis of reports thanks to RI. A few additional functions of the product, that can serve the specific business processes in the enterprise, have been specially developed for the company. The system assists in resolving some of the most serious challenges before the company, including consolidation of identical data from the distribution channel, fast data retrieval, as well as detailed analysis. The users can access the product through all types of web browsers, as well as through desktop and mobile devices.

"One of the biggest challenges during implementation was the extremely short period—5 days. Thanks to BI software, the time for receiving reports has been reduced significantly, despite the huge volume of accumulated data. Reports are generated virtually immediately", said Mladen Mateev, Managing Director of Izida OOD.

“Through RI, Izida improved the delivery planning process based on the more detailed and precise data analysis of past periods. The company now makes managerial decisions regarding the product portfolio and the client base faster and easier" said Venelin Dimitrov, Senior BI consultant at Balkan Services.

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