We invite you to the conference 2017 o’clock – Time to shoot your business to the Cloud(s)! At the conference, we will discuss key cloud apps and featured examples specifically related to the business, their benefits, and how to avoid risks.

We believe what we have to say to Bulgarian businesses is of great value and will significantly enhance its competitiveness. Gladly, many partners, who share our opinion and are eager to share their experience joined Balkan Services—Google, Oracle, Digital Marketing Group and Startup Masters.

We have prepared the program to answer the needs of everyone, regardless of their industry or their knowledge level in the field of new technologies. Presentations will cover both intracompany benefits of using cloud apps and unlimited opportunities to enter new markets. Also, you will be able to ask questions on matters of interest to you before, during and after the conference. It focuses on cloud business apps specifically for Bulgarian market.

After the conference, you will have the opportunity to discuss trends and innovations regarding cloud technologies with lectors and businessmen on a drink in casual environment. We are organizing a special networking event—"I cloud?".

The conference is suitable for everyone who wants to shoot their business to the cloud(s)!
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