Bulgarian software company Balkan Services offers ERP system as a service. The version Atlantis ERP SaaS reduces the cost of using software for business management and turns it from capital into monthly expenditure. Bulgarian consulting company Balkan Services now offers the system Atlantis ERP at a monthly subscription according to the model SaaS (Software as a service).
The proposal has two varieties - rent of only licenses for Atlantis ERP, when the client uses their own infrastructure, or lease of both license and infrastructure. The model SaaS, which is rapidly gaining popularity in recent years, represents an opportunity to use a software solution without purchasing it, but instead paying a monthly rent. In this way the software is used as a service - like Internet access, electricity or other utilities. This model has been widely applied in business software (ERP, CRM, BPM systems, etc.) because these solutions are of upmost importance for companies, but at the same time the investment is significant. One of the advantages of software as a service is to reduce the initial investment. Under this option, there is no initial investment in licenses, which is a significant part of the project cost, and if the client chooses the option with included infrastructure, there is no need to purchase expensive hardware either.
Furthermore, the client does not take care of the support - the provider manages the upgrades of both the software and the hardware it is installed on, and controls the archiving of data, security and access. Even more importantly, these key business software systems can turn from capital into monthly operating expenses. "Currently, many companies have difficulties to buy and implement systems for business management at their own expense and many of them postpone this important step for the future or wait for funding under operational programs. In this way, however, they reduce their competitiveness. By offering the ERP system Atlantis as a service, we can solve this problem. Companies now can have an ERP system when it is needed, on flexible monthly expenditure corresponding to operations."- stated Philip Mutafis, Managing Partner in Balkan Services. SaaS solution is more efficient and more profitable than ordinary installation, especially in times of crisis and tight budgets, not only because of the lower investment of resources, but also because it is more scalable.
"Pay as much as you use - if you need to expand the system, due to business growth, this is done immediately. But the same can be done in the opposite direction. If it is necessary to limit the functionality or the number of users, we simply reduce the fee. No risk that you may have chosen an inappropriate system or that the project may be unsuccessful because the company has not invested money in hardware and licenses that can be converted into a fixed asset. ERP SaaS is an operating expense, which may be increased, decreased or discontinued at any time"- explains the other Managing Partner of Balkan Services Vladimir Rashev.