The usage of more social functionalities and the integration with various mobile devices are among the most important additions to the 11th edition of business intelligence (BI) solution QlikView. The new version was presented on 1 December at Sofia's Sheraton Hotel by Philip Mutafis, managing partner with Bulgarian consultancy company Balkan Services, during the Business Discovery World Tour 2011 conference, organized by the company and the US developer of QlikView – QlikTech.

QlikView is a BI solution which is distinguished by its significant flexibility, ease of use, and seamless integration with different data bases and business software systems. The additions to QlikView 11 are in five directions: more social functions, which let users share information and make business decisions together; comparative analysis, which increases the opportunities to compare different data, periods, and parameters; much richer mobile functions to work via smartphones and tablets; new possibilities to develop third-party applications based on QlikView; and easier implementations at large organizations. “Today the opportunity to access information about your business from wherever you are is critical for right decision making, and the new platforms for smartphones and tablets let this happen more and more easily and intuitively. QlikView was accessible via mobile phones in its earlier versions but with the launch of QlikView 11 this trend gets further developed with new powerful mobile options which facilitate managers in getting real-time business data and taking more timely decisions. In addition, the new social abilities extend the opportunities to share important corporate information, including with users who do not have QlikView licenses,” Philip Mutafis said. During the event, seven large companies – Happy Bar & Grill, Monbat, Sparky Group, Montecanal, Servie, Boni Holding, and Coca Cola Hellenic – told the attendants about their successful deployments of QlikView, executed by the Balkan Services team.

Vladimir Rashev, the other managing partner of Balkan Services, told the audience about the opportunities for companies to use EU funds to co-finance their QlikView implementation projects and other similar initiatives. Balkan Services has its own department focused on the preparation of such projects, which is among the few in Bulgaria having specific expertise in both spheres of financial programs and business software solutions. Rashev also covered the main trends on the business intelligence software market, including the rise in demand for integrated solutions that comprise of different classes of software: BI, ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), etc. The other trends are a higher demand for BI trainings, getting more project orders from existing clients that want further development, as well as location intelligence applications letting the BI software and geographical maps integrate.