Representatives of Balkan Services, LLP Dynamics Bulgaria, ERP Concept, Team Vision Bulgaria and ATOS presented to media challenges for acquiring EU funding for the implementation of ERP systems. Companies come up with concrete proposals that will be imported in the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism. Bulgarian companies that expect funding to implement ERP systems by program 'Compliance with internationally recognized standards and implement management systems in enterprises', part of OP "Competitiveness" soon will be facing a number of problems associated with the implementation of their projects. There is a real risk large number of the companies to fail meeting the required terms and conditions and lose gain funding. These are concerns that leading companies in ERP sector in Bulgaria presented to the media on 8 February in Sofia. The companies offered to business and public administration successful solutions to accumulated problems. Because of the limited administrative capacity the companies offered help to overcome the problem with the following suggestions:
1.Anticipation in indicative program of permanent open procedure for introduction of management systems in enterprises without connecting to the introduction of international standards.
2.Companies adopters are supporting the administration with expertise on technical consistency of the projects.
3.Reduce the time of signing the contract, tendering and recognition of costs incurred prior to signing the contract with the agency.
To answer journalists' interest in the potential misuse of EU funds Vlado Rashev, managing partner of Balkan Services urged to impose rules in two ways:
1. Beneficiaries will be able to implement a system that value does not exceed a certain percentage of company implementator turnover of the. Best practices show that the cost of business software offered by an organization should not exceed 1 to 1.5% of annual turnover.
2. Adopters of ERP Programme have enough experience to implement systems of that class. This best practices (including practices adopted by the Public Procurement Act) to require the turnover of company adopter’s business to exceed at least 2.5 to 3 times the value of the project for each of the previous three financial years.
The general opinion of the companies in the industry is that if customers are preparing for future deployments this will significantly increase the probability of project success within the terms of the program and it will also obtain a solution that meets their requirements and needs.
The specific suggestions for improving EU funding opportunities for of ERP, represented by Balkan Services, LLP Dynamics Bulgaria, ERP Concept, Team Vision Bulgaria and ATOS will be submitted to the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism soon.