The project was carried out by the team at a very short notice and was completed in January 2011.
The new application loads data from the existing Data Warehouse and its purpose is to prepare the data for the monthly report of the company by visualizing information with the means and capabilities of Business Intelligence technology. The main benefits of the new solution are:
1) New vision and presentation of the main key performance indicators of the company - management dashboard;
2) Automation of the process of preparing monthly reports for management;
3) Avoiding the possibility of making mistakes as in the manual handling of information (usually in Excel);
4) Much quicker preparation of reports and opportunity for rapid detection / correction of wrong entries in the company's ERP system (Oracle);
5) Ability to work in an interactive and intuitive environment, fast training of end users and the ability to easily add new reports and data;
6) Ability to maintain historical data, comparisons, trends and more.