Balkan Services consulting company demonstrated CRM and BI systems' capabilities during the Digital Transformation Pharmacy 3.0 forum, which took place on 28 March at Balkan Hotel in Sofia. Nikolay Milenkov, Balkan Services' representative, stated his opinion that these particular software solutions are of key importance to pharmaceutical business development. The event was hosted by Enterprise Magazine and focused on the topic of digital transformation in pharmaceutical industry, trends and market best practices.

One of the major topics, which was discussed at the event, was digital transformation in pharmaceutical business and how organizations collected data related to their business, at what pace, how insights were retrieved and how all of this information was processed. Other featured topics were strategies and innovations used by pharmaceutical companies to maintain high level of competitiveness, how the sector was changing and adapting to new market requirements.

According to Nikolay Milenkov, Head of Marketing and Sales Department at Balkan Services, "It is important to have certain attitude towards data—not only to possess them, but to keep them alive, which CRM solutions make possible. Then and only then it is time to perform analyses using BI tools, which provide the so called unitary version of truth".