At the event, the Business Intelligence system Qlik Sense, a product of Qlik—one of the global BI market leader, was introduced. The seminar, which main focus was on data analysis technologies, took place at Sense Hotel in Sofia on 25 April. It consisted of presentations made by Balkan Services' and Qlik's specialists and practical training module on the essential product functionalities.

Marius Stoica, Regional Sales Manager at Qlik for Eastern Europe, was a special guest speaker. He demonstrated how through the BI system Qlik Sense users can make reports quickly and easily in their preferred way using data from different sources. Mr. Stoica showed one of Qlik's new products—Qlik GeoAnalytics—which provides precise geographical analysis and capability to integrate both with Qlik Sense and QlikView.

At the seminar, the main benefits, which BI solutions give to business users, were presented—precise analysis and quick data visualization from different sources regardless of their location and the device used. As a result of using BI apps, the company management processes are enhanced and making key business decisions is accelerated

When asked how could we be sure we were handling correct data, Nikolay Milenkov, Head of Marketing and Sales Department at Balkan Services, said that BI platforms in particular provide trustworthy information which ensures all users have an unitary version of truth. He also added that Qlik Sense gives the business analyst freedom by demonopolizing information, enabling them to create the required reports on their own.