Balkan Services has held the 8th edition of the Business Intelligence Master Class course, which aims to upgrade the practical knowledge and skills of participants of working with BI platforms. The trainees had the opportunity to gain experience from established professionals in the fields of business intelligence who have guided them through the BI application building process for two days.

The first day of the BI training began with participants sharing their expectations, which helped defining some of the program topics. After a brief introduction of the main features and strengths of the BI platform Qlik Sense, the practical part of the course began, starting with loading data from files and databases into the system. Radoslava Dimitrova, Principal BI Consultant, also demonstrated how the loaded data is transformed, how it is bound into a model and, together with the participants, calculated some key indicators for tracing sales in a company. Albena Mitova -BI consultant, focused on how to visualize already processed data, build dashboards, prepare detailed reports, as well as work with geographical references, which led to the greatest interest among the audience. The lecturers also demonstrated some good practices in building BI applications, among them was the Report Generator, developed by our BI experts. This functionality allows Qlik Sense system end users to create and manage personalized reports, according to the needs of their business. 

At the beginning of the second day of the BI course, Iiiyan Somlev, the Principal Support BI Consultant in the company, presented specific cases of data generation and processing, as well as filtering of data calculations. With the lecturers’ constant help, the trainees managed to make different sections of already loaded data and generated reports, related to forecast (targets) comparisons to real data. Ina Kehayova, Senior BI Consultant, shared a real case study of the team practice by demonstrating what a complete BI system looks like, explained what the specific requirements for the project were and how the Balkan Services team implemented the BI application, according to them.

The BI training continued with a discussion of participants cases, related to their daily activities and specifically the BI challenges in the fields of retail, IT, manufacturing, pharmacy and gaming. Each pre-sent case was discussed, as the trainees, together with the lecturers, managed to find their solutions. Some interesting cases were related to:

  • Loading and visualizing target execution data;
  • Correct geolocation setup of Bulgarian objects;
  • Time period comparison (year-to-date, month-to-date);
  • Specific report preparation of past events and subsequent actions in the pharmaceutical industry.

At the end of the training, all participants received “Business Intelligence Master Class” certificates and gave a very positive feedback about the event.