Balkan Services has successfully registered the Atlantis ERP system under Regulation N-18, and the ERP platform is already listed as point-of-sale sales management software under number 747 in the NRA’s public electronic list. Due to the nature of the Regulation and the complexity of its requirements, the Balkan Services consultancy team has been working for several months to revise the software and prepare the necessary documentation for registration with the NRA.

Regulation N-18 sets specific requirements for the reporting and registration of physical store sales and for persons engaged in e-commerce. This sets a number of functional requirements for fiscal devices and business management software used by the commercial companies.

For the last 13 years, Balkan Services has successfully completed over 60 projects for the implementation of Atlantis ERP system in medium and large companies in the fields of food industry, production, trade, distribution, metallurgy and others in Bulgaria and Romania.

Since 2019, the Atlantis ERP Business Management System is part of SoftOne Technologies' portfolio, whose other ERP system Soft 1 ERP is also registered as Commercial properties Sales Management Software at the NRA.

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