Balkan Services is a partner in the new Master’s program in Business Intelligence and ERP Systems to be launched this fall at the Higher Institute for Insurance and Finance (VUZF). The program is carried out in partnership with ERP Academy and leading companies in the field, among them Balkan Services. This will be interactive form of education and will last for two semesters, and the graduates will receive professional qualification Master in Economy. The program will focus on the business management systems - ERP, BI, CRM, BPM.

The Master’s program will be taught by representatives of leading Bulgarian companies in the field of development and implementation of business software. One of the main modules of the program – Business Intelligence – will be taught entirely by Balkan Services’ BI specialists: Vladimir Rashev, Boyana Likomanova, Ilyan Somlev, Kaloyan Krastev and Dimitar Prodanov. All of them have extensive experience in the implementation of BI solutions, and are well acquainted with the industry trends. Their hard work has turned into clear results – according to market research, Balkan Services has over 40% market share of the private sector in Bulgaria for BI systems.

Balkan Services provides a scholarship with a possibility for career start. The scholarship will take the form of tuition fee reduction, and its size will depend on the candidate’s results from the admissions interview. For more information about the Master’s program “Business Intelligence and ERP Systems”, please visit the site of ERP Academy.