Two software solutions have started operating in the largest chain of hypermarkets for children products in Bulgaria – Hippoland. The project, completed by Balkan Services, involves implementation of a full ERP solution, integrated with the stores’ existing POS system, as well as creating a Business Intelligence solution for inquiries and analysis.

The integrated ERP system at operation in Hippoland serves all main business processes in the company. It incorporates the input, storage, processing and operational inquiries on the entire data flow, as related to the sales, finance and accounting activities. Atlantis ERP provides communication among the structural units, and it plans and helps in decision-making. The system allows tracking of the sales history down to a line from a receipt, together with information about the complete product characteristics. The solution is integrated with the stores’ existing POS system and with an online shop.

The project also includes the creation of a Business Intelligence solution for analysis and support of management decisions. The system provides the users with a quick and easy access to the large volume of data through different functionalities – custom-made client inquiries, possibilities to dynamically change these inquiries through using filters, changing of specified dimensions, adding of new ones, pivoting and export in different formats. The BI system lets the users analyze and compare sales information regardless of whether it comes from the old transactional or the new ERP system, and without any delays caused by the large data volume.

“Our aim was to implement an integrated system which is fully localized in accordance with Bulgarian law and local regulations and is compatible with the overall accounting practice and the business. I see as an accomplishment the timely project completion, having in mind the different challenges we had to face in the process and the ambitious goals we had set,” stated Vanya Ivanova, Executive Co-Director at Hippoland.