In August, Balkan Services underwent an external audit by an independent certification body of its Integrated Management System, including the ISO 9001 - Process Management System, ISO 27001 - Information Security Management System, ISO 20000 - Service Management System, ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System (EMS) standards.

The external auditor confirmed that the company's processes comply with all requirements of the standards and Balkan Services places a strategic focus on quality management.

Within 3 days and with the participation of all process owners, the audit was successfully completed. Once again we have reinforced the understanding that we are consistent in what we do and are progressing towards our goals safely and while minimizing waste of resources.

"The Integrated Management System encourages us in creating an orderly structure. For the Integrated Management System to be workable, we need to be aware of all the processes that the business maintains in order to realise its products and services with consistent quality. It also means that the company has a good understanding of what can affect its ability to deliver them.
Of particular importance in this process are the review, description and communication to all affected parties" - says Boyana Likomanova-Dimova, Head of Business Solutions & Consulting and Partner at Balkan Services.

At the company, we pay particular attention to "Management Review" - structured formal meetings that we hold at set intervals throughout the year. In these meetings, the focus is on the Integrated Management System, and the objective is to review and assess its effectiveness, determine its ongoing suitability and adequacy.

These types of meetings encourage management to consider the extent to which the Integrated Management System:

  1. achieves expected results;
  2. meets the requirements of the organization;
  3. functions in accordance with established procedures and processes;
  4. annually upgrades service quality for optimal speed and efficiency, paying special attention to lessons learned and best practices.


"Management Review" meetings also make sure that all levels are informed of changes, updates, revisions, etc. in the day-to-day operation of the Integrated Management System itself.

Maintaining ISO standards at Balkan Services ensures the high quality of our services, continuous improvement and increased customer satisfaction.

The Integrated Management System helps us to pursue the company's dream - to make each of our projects a benchmark for world-class quality.

As part of our constant strive for improvement, we also actively seek feedback from our customers on an annual basis. According to our most recent survey, 97% of our customers say they are satisfied with our work together.

For us, this is a clear indicator that we are maintaining and developing the Integrated Management System.