Balkan Services deployed a Business Intelligence system in the Bulgarian company for the equipment of commercial areas of EGE Group. The deployed business intelligence system is Qlik Sense by Qlik — a software company and a long-term partner of ours. The system is a flexible and user-friendly solution that greatly facilitates access to key business information

The BI project covers the company's sales and revenue management — two key areas where business reporting and analysis used to take a lot of time.

In EGE Group, they have been using the BI system for half a year now and they are happy to share that it has completely changed their ability to access key business information and now everything happens with ease and in real time.

EGE Group is a leading provider of solutions for the complete construction of commercial sites and a wide range of products for their equipment. This includes 3D design and engineering, a variety of refrigerated display cases and racks, IT equipment, POS systems, shopping baskets and carts, cash registers, packaging machines, lighting systems, commercial equipment, floor cleaning equipment and a wide variety of other items. The company has established itself over the years as a reliable partner of some of the largest retail chains.

In recent years, in connection with the rapid expansion of EGE Group's business, a need for more diverse reports on the activity appeared, which are available to the management, the accounting, and the sales department at the right time.

Prior to deploying Qlik Sense, the team used the company’s existing ERP system for reporting purposes, which had report modules, but generating them took a long time. It is even more time-consuming to generate reports for past periods — for example, for a quarter or for a longer period. All these delays involved human resources and affected both the management decision-making and the goal-setting process.

Therefore, EGE Group decided to deploy a Business Intelligence system and chose Balkan Services as a partner in this implementation. The two companies already have established a relationship, as Balkan Services has successfully deployed a CRM project at EGE Group in the past.

During the deployment, we were like one team, not two separate companies with two separate teams. It was a unique experience. We worked as a unit, and this is perhaps because the employees of Balkan Services are skillful professionals who know very well the product capabilities. On the other hand, they understood very well what our needs were and suggested very adequate solutions and answers to our questions. Therefore, the whole process and work was performed with ease, in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. And in the end, when we finished the project, it even made me feel a little sad that I wouldn't see these people every week." shared Mr. Ramadan Ramadan, an executive director of EGE Group.

He also added that during the deployment process, there were a number of suggestions from the Balkan Services team that proved to be very useful for EGE Group.

The deployed BI software completely changes the access to reports for the business, and they are now available instantly to any authorized representative of the company, without having to wait for hours or days and without engaging a separate employee to prepare them.

Ease, speed, and intuitive access are built into the Qlik Sense technology and also into the way the solution works, and reports and analyzes are generated instantly.

"I like that I haven't thought of a report that I needed and couldn't generate it. This is important to me, because I have to check and look for a variety of things on daily basis," added Mihaela Todorova, a chief accountant of EGE Group, and pointed out that another advantage was the easy change of view for each report allowing many different options for visualization of the information.

Some of the other merits of Qlik Sense, highlighted by the EGE Group team, also include the possibility to manually initiate data loading at any time of the day, the speed with which the application works, as well as the fact that it functions on a separate server, does not overload the system, and does not affect the work of other team members. Having a functionality that allows different sections to be saved for specific periods and instant access to them when they are needed is also useful.

The accuracy of the reports in EGE Group is significantly improved and data inconsistencies are minimized, and should they occur, they are promptly detected and corrected much more quickly and easily in the ERP system.

With the new BI solution, the company's management can make forecasts for future periods much more easily, which greatly facilitates the budgeting and goal-setting processes.

In the past the company was setting common goals for the sales department, but now it can set goals for each individual salesperson and track their implementation much more effectively. As a result, the EGE Group team has a much better focus on the important aspects of the activity.