A new BI system for optimization and management of company activities started operating at Deroni Ltd. The solution is implemented by Balkan Services’ consulting team with the aim to shorten the management decision-making process by providing quick and reliable reports at any place and time.

Following the successful implementation, the time for generating reports is cut to seconds. The application can generate information about product sales, quantitative results, shopping cart, ratings, analysis and so on. With the elimination of human work, possible mistakes are avoided and a better accuracy and security are provided.

The company’s key employees use the BI solution for visualization of information and preparation of reports and analysis on multiple criteria. Thanks for the possibilities for Ad-Hock analysis, the users can find adequate answers to everyday’s business-related issues.

“With the help of the system implemented by Balkan Services, our four logistics centers are performing a complete, high-quality and up-to-date market analysis, relevant to clients’ expectations and the market specifics. The system provides the possibility for functioning of the merchandising, the product positioning and market acquisition; it helps the quality customer service, the solving of recent and current problems, but most of all it supports the management decisions. “
Galya Delchunkova, Creative Director, Deroni Ltd