After working together on the definition and automation of the processes in the company, a Business Intelligence (BI) system has been implemented and successfully used for the analysis and control of the business in the largest winery in Bulgaria.

Balkan Services and Vinprom Peshtera SA announced the completion of a Business Intelligence project and the successful implementation of the system. The IT consulting company already has signed a contract with the client to provide overall support and further development of the project.


The BI system implemented by Balkan Services analyzes the cost of production in the company, including distribution and efficiency of marketing and advertising costs. The BI solution includes important modules for analysis and control of the sales in both domestic and foreign markets, in total 30 countries on 4 continents. Even though there are dozens of users of the BI system in the company, some additional licenses were purchased even before the project has been finished. The BI solution can be accessed also by mobile devices.


“I want to express my satisfaction with the team of Balkan Services that accepted the challenge of our project and due to their efforts, along with the efforts of our team we achieved results that enable better clarity in the analysis of existing information and making of strategic business decisions in real time, which is essential for the adequate behavior on the market.", said Mr. Nikola Anev, Financial Director in Vinprom Peshtera SA.


“The main challenges we faced were the consolidation and standardization of the heterogeneous information from multiple business sources. Our team put a lot of effort and persistence during the clarification of the business processes and the final result is a product, fully answering the company strategy.", said Mrs. Boyana Likomanova, Head of the BI department in Balkan Services.