The in-depth knowledge of the tax legislation and aligning the company activity with it is very challenging to a lot of organizations.

In order to help the management teams easily deal with those challenges and achieve complete compliance with the requirements, we started offering a service called “Complete Accounting Services.”

We delegate to each company a personal consultant - an experienced accountant, who organizes the whole accounting and financial performance of the company.

We fully represent our customers before the bodies of the state administration and organize their activity in compliance with the legislation in force as we keep all regulatory deadlines.

We process the monthly remunerations, and we administer the staff.

Furthermore, we regularly send companies analyses of their financial reports and summarized financial information so that we can facilitate them in interpreting the information and making managerial decisions.

Our service covers the full accounting service of the companies and helps them decrease their financial burden and avoid fines and penalties by the state administration bodies.

It is suitable for organizations that manage or plan to manage their business with an ERP system.

Companies such as Aqua Matrix, SAT Health and XCoSports Bulgaria, already use the service and openly share their satisfaction of the accuracy, competence, and dedication in our work.

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