Groupama, one of the insurance companies, is implementing a large-scale project to implement a centralized BI system to optimize the corporate reporting, enable aggregated and graphical presentation of data and improve quality control and access.

After conducting research, the insurance company chose the Qlik Sense BI platform and assigned its implementation to Balkan Services experts. 

Prior the BI system, the company used over 200 static reports. These are maintained by the company's IT department and the continual need for adjustments to existing sections and presentation costs a lot of time and effort for all employees.

The BI project starts with a thorough business analysis that identifies the company's key requirements and defines the scope of the project.

Based on this assessment, the reports and analyses are grouped into 6 major reports. Each of these is a collection of a number of smaller reports and different sections, in the areas of sales, claims and benefits, payments, marketing, loss ratios and portfolio analysis.

According to Naeri Masihi, Head of Project Management at Balkan Services, key factors for the successful implementation of the project appear to be the agile approach applied, the effort and high level of cooperation between the teams involved in the project from both companies, and the support from the management of Groupama.

A BI system has been developed which downloads, processes and loads data on a daily basis from the core transactional system of both Groupama Insurance and Groupama Life Insurance.

The complete solution includes a main application with 22 separate report pages, a payments application, a quota application, a Mapping Check application, and system applications for monitoring licenses, access, sessions, and reports used.

Among the uppermost features developed by the Balkan Services team is a flexible tool which enables the system users to configure the format and its data content.

“It enables the flexible inclusion and exclusion of dimensions and key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as the creation of multiple reports with different cross-sections. By introducing it, we were able to meet one of the key requirements to cover the current 200+ separate reports that were being handled by Groupama employees,” Naeri Masihi explains.

The business analytics system also ensures full GDPR compliance.

Upon completion of the BI project, Groupama reported a number of benefits, including a reduction in the time needed to prepare reports and analyses, better control over the quality of data, easy management of access to data, and easier introduction of new employees into the work process.

Qlik Sense's extensive capabilities and user-friendly interface make it even easier to monitor the company's overall activities and performance.

“When professionals team up together, things do really work out. The effort was definitely worth it and we are all very satisfied because the results are really impressive: time and money saved, optimization and a flexible system that has a great potential for upgrading", says Mihail Todorov, Project Management Director at Groupama.

The established trust and good partnership between the teams continues to develop and after the launch of the BI system, Groupama and Balkan Services experts are now working on two new projects: one to upgrade the BI platform and the other to comply with the latest requirements under International Financial Reporting Standards, i.e. IFRS 17.