Bulgarian consulting company Balkan Services successfully completed a pilot project for the integration of a wireless network operating under the standard RFID * (Radio-frequency Identification) with the business software Atlantis ERP in the company Cablecommerce. The project is highly innovative and shows all the information on the products entering or leaving the warehouses of the company in Sofia and Burgas appearing in real time in its ERP system.
As part of the project, a system of RFID devices was installed in two of Cablecommerce’s warehouses, and consequently was integrated by a team of Balkan Services with the company’s ERP system Atlantis. As a result, the mobile interface used by RFID readers can exchange information in real time. All information is immediately visible in the ERP system. The pilot project solves a number of problems related to logistics, management of inventories, documentation, and more effective management of human resources in the enterprise.