Balkan Sevices has completed a Business Intelligence project with QlikView and the construction of Datawarehouse with Pentaho CE Data Integration-Kettle for Bonnie Holding - a leading manufacturer of meat products in Bulgaria. The project was implemented by the team of Balkan Sevices for three months and was finished in March 2011.

The project includes building a Data Warehouse, but as a means for extracting and loading data (ETL) the open source Pentaho Data Integration-Kettle product was used. Users of the solution operate with QlikView to visualize the information, reports and analyses on numerous sections. Users can take advantage of the exceptional flexibility in displaying information on QlikView, thanks to the associative technology of the product and the options to choose and change dimensions (criteria for grouping of information) in all references.
The application allows to compare sales, returned goods and performance against previous periods, as well as the results achieved against those planned. Basic key indicators are calculated and can be easily analyzed by customer receivables and payments with the ability to drill-down to the document level.
"Despite some unforeseen tasks that had to be solved in the course of the project, we achieved a very good result and managed to ease significantly the work on the preparation of reports and analyses," said Marian Mihaylov, Marketing Manager of Boni Holding and Project Manager.