The first practical seminar on consolidation of financial reports with the specialized LucaNet software in Bulgaria was held yesterday at the Ilieff Center for Education and Culture at the American University in Sofia. Current changes in the International Financial Reporting Standards for 2016 were discussed, as well as their latest amendments and clarifications concerning the consolidation of financial reports. The seminar, apart from being intended for showing professionals some good practice in that field, was also aimed at presenting the possibilities of the special financial consolidation software – LucaNet.

The seminar was organized by Balkan Services Consultancy Company who is the integrator of the LucaNet software system for financial consolidation and planning for Bulgaria. Certified LucaNet experts and registered auditors from the Grant Thornton and Bisicom 61 took part in the seminar as lecturers. During the seminar the participants had some practical examples and real business cases to solve with the help of the specialized software solution for financial statements consolidation LucaNet.

The participants found “the combination of theory and practice” as the basis of the training useful, just as the opportunities granted by the LucaNet solution as an instrument for consolidation. The organiser company stated that despite the complexity of financial and accounting issues, the consolidation process may be significantly optimised, safer and quicker.