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Breaktime is a company, specialized in the business of services and in particular in the supply of water-dispensing machines, coffee-vending machines, food and beverage vending machines and consumables for them.

Deployment of CRM solution

Project description:

The project has been established based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Resco Mobile CRM for mobile application management. The project has set the basis for creating and managing client database.
Through a mobile device, the sales representatives visit customers (existing and new), and in the visit itself, the activity is reported upon and the database is complemented.
Leaving the customer with a test sample is associated with the assignment of a follow-up contact with the customer (planning a visit).
Negotiations for a new deal are taking place (a new machine or a new customer). The minimum requirements are specified in the system, compliance with them meaning automatic deal approval and installation of a vending machine at the premises, by signing a contract at the same point of time.
An option is present to monitor the assets (what machines are delivered to each client), as well as their inventory.

Benefits (for the company) from the project:

• Building its own customer database, in which new customers are constantly introduced
• Ability to automatically approve a deal, when meeting the minimum requirements
• References on potential and lost customers
• Ability to prioritize customers
• Improved communication between sales representatives


Sales representatives and managers