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Credit Agricole Bank Bulgaria

Credit Agricole Bank - Bulgaria PLC was founded in 1994 under the name Bulgarian Investment Bank by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and a group of Bulgarian banks and other shareholders. In 1998 Emporiki Bank of Greece acquired the majority of shares of Emporiki Bank - Bulgaria, and since 2003 holds 100% of shares. In 2007 the French Crédit Agricole Group acquired the majority of shares of Emporiki Bank of Greece.


Atlantis ERP Financials

Balkan Services has implemented Atlantis ERP Financials in Credit Agricole Bank Bulgaria.
The whole project is under the leadership of the Greek branch of company Accenture and it includes bank system, ERP and E-banking. Atlantis ERP Financials manages entirely the expenses of the bank (Accounts Payable), fixed assets, as well as issuing invoices for taxable revenues via web interface.
A main emphasis of the project is the allocation of the expenses by cost centers and the integration with the new bank system Flex Cube. Automated is the process of generating reports to the budget (VAT reporting). The application is completely consistent with the accounting policy of the bank due to the International Financial Reporting Standards.


Subscription commputer support for the complete infrastructure: network connectivity, computer systems, printers (local and network), network devices (switches, routers), servers, etc., thereby ensuring efficiency of the whole system rather than its separate components. Any action on a separate component (computer, printer, server or a switch) is consistent with the system as a homogenous entity.



CRR project.